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Marketplace Where Everything is "For Sale By Owner". Buying and Selling Stuff has never been easier, safer, and more convenient than now. Our new, different, yet direct approach to helping buyers and sellers is simple. We cut out the middleman and save the buyers money and help sellers make more with every transaction.

See Why "This is Where Deals Get Done" and how 50% of Vehicles Sell in 15 Days or Less!

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Park & Sell Your Stuff Here Quickly, Safely and For More!

How It Works

  • Sellers Rent A Space On Our Safe & Secure Lot
  • OPS Professionally Displays & Advertises Vehicle
  • Buyers View Vehicle Online & Onsite - No Pressure
  • Buyer & Seller Deal Direct, Negotiate & Close Deal
  • No Middleman
  • No Commissions
  • No Sales Tax

OPS - Where Deals Get Done

Create Account

Simply add your name and email and create an account so you can list your vehicle, communicate with buyers and modify your vehicle listing.

Answers Calls from Potential Buyers

We drive interested buyers to your vehicle through social media and advertising and you easily communicate with them through your control panel, by text or phone.

Complete Your Sale

Once you've found a buyer, you can meet them in our convenient, air-conditioned and private offices that have all the paperwork you need to complete the sale, without ever needing to set foot in the MVD!

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How Buying with Other People Stuff Works:

Park & Sell Your Stuff Here Quickly, Safely and For More!

For Sale By Owner now has a permanent address! At Other People’s Stuff we provide sellers a safe, high traffic visible location to display their vehicles for sale. No more strangers coming to your home, missed appointments or tire kickers. We market your vehicle for you, to drive prospective buyers to you. Buyers and Sellers negotiate their own sale directly, and the best part is when your vehicle sells there are no salesmen, consignment fees, commissions or sales tax to pay, You Keep All the Money!! If it has wheels Other People’s Stuff can help you quickly and safely sell your stuff for more. This is Where Deals Get Done!

Browse for Stuff

Search for the vehicle you want to buy online or in person at our location. No nosy salespeople to bother you.

Call Owner

Ask the seller anything you want to know about the vehicle and test drive it (if you want).

Complete Your Sale

Once you've paid the owner directly, just take your vehicle home. You're all set!

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  • High Traffic Visibility Location175,000 Vehicles Drive By Every Day
  • No Commissions or High FeesOnline and Digital Advertising Included
  • You Meet The OwnerNo Going to a Stranger's Home to Look at a Vehicle
  • State of the Art Security24 Hour Guard on Premises
  • Resources Available to HelpConditioned Office & Staff on Site
  • No Sales Men - No Sales TaxYou Negotiate Your Price Directly with the Buyer

Client Reviews

Scott & Wendy Bjorkquist


wanted to thank the people of OPS

I don't do Google and Facebook, but wanted to write a note to thank the people of other people's stuff for their help and professionalism. From the first contact with Amy, and then Travis and Derek. All were very helpful in selling our truck and 5th wheel. Even though we were gone a couple weeks on vacation they still were sold in a month. Thank you again, Scott & Wendy Bjorkquist


Angel Green



This sale took only 2 days to finalize. Travis Williams is definitely the man to go to when it comes to getting a quality used car. No issues or pressure to make a sale. It was so relaxing my bf made a cup of coffee while I finalized the sale with the seller. Great middle party.

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Chris Krozel



I really enjoyed my experience with other people's stuff. They are very nice and very helpful to everybody. They advertise my Camaro around the United States. I would recommend everybody to other people's stuff if you have anything to sell. Wanted to thank you guys for everything and will be seeing you soon

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Jan Higgins



They are great here. Really helpful and great place to shop for pre owned motorhomes or a fantastic place to sell yours.


Todd Elias



They said my RV would sell in a few days, it sold in 4… Great location and Omar’s customer service was outstanding! I be back next time I need to sell a vehicle.


Salena Fritz



Was fantastic!!! Omar was amazing with showing us the travel trailer, customer service was awesome and we are very pleased! The owners took care of everything very promptly and we love our trailer!! Thank you OPS!!!


Michael Martin



Good place to see what your looking for


jaqueline vorhies



I'm beyond impressed with Other People's stuff when it came to handling the sell of our trailer camper, it was fast at just two weeks! Omar walked us through the whole process, he handled everything, we had no stress at all, such an easy transaction handled by some amazing people. he was always available to answer any questions, this company goes above and beyond to get your stuff sold I wouldn't go anywhere else when it comes to selling your vehicles or haulers!

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Dick Geasland



Our experience with OPS has been a real pleasure. Omar was great getting our RV advertised and he and his colleague were always pleasant and showed the vehicle many times to assist in selling our RV in about 33 days. Communication between the staff and my wife and I was always prompt, professional and pleasant. The ability to have a private sale, while having the opportunity to have the RV shown by others and be located on a safe and extremely high visibility lot were all issues in the successful sale, and a great experience overall. We would highly recommend this business to anyone looking to sell an item privately, but not wanting people coming to your home, or having to make appointments at public places, for every potential customer. The purchaser of our RV visited the lot and viewed the RV at least 3 times before we met them and settled on a price.

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Teresa Dehope



Wonderful experience! I HIGHLY recommend using them! Selling our trailer was so easy and quick! Think about it... why would you want strangers coming to your home when you have a secure location where people can come see it and then just make an offer. Everyone was so friendly and I will never sell anything without them and will go to them first before purchasing anything!! I wish I could give them 10 stars!!!

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