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Other People's Stuff is an alternative way to buy or sell your stuff quickly and safely.

Our Program is Simple…

Sellers simply reserve a space, post their vehicle online, and then bring it in for display. Since every buyer and seller is in control, there is no middleman or salesmen to deal with. Buyers contact the sellers directly to ask questions and learn the history, parties negotiate and close their own deal, and the best part is when the transaction is complete the seller keeps all the money and the buyer gets a deal and saves thousands in sales tax savings.

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Advantages to using Other People's Stuff for selling a vehicle

  • High Traffic Visibility Location - 175,000 Vehicles Drive By Everyday
  • No Strangers Coming to Your Home
  • No Hefty Consignment Fees
  • No Commissions To Pay
  • Online and Digital Advertising Exposure included
  • Video/Audio Monitored Air Conditioned Offices to complete your sale
  • State-of-the-Art Security to protect you and your vehicles
    • Multiple Hi - Def Video Cameras
    • Infrared Perimeter Security Beams
    • 24 hour Security Guard on Premises
  • You Negotiate Your Price Directly with The Buyer
  • Resources Available to Assist with Your Sale

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