"Everything is FOR SALE BY OWNER"


Frequently Asked Questions

We connect buyers and sellers in a clean, safe, friendly and secure environment.

Our pricing is based on the type of vehicle you are selling and the DISPLAY AREA LOCATION you chose.
If you register online, just bring your on-line confirmation page, your vehicle summary page and your vehicle title and insurance. If you arrive without your confirmation page, see one of our staff members on the lot. Remember registering online is easy. Space licensing representatives are available to assist you with registering for your spot from 9AM-6PM Monday-Sunday.
Our lot is open 9am – 6pm Monday through Saturday, 6 days a week.
All vehicles on the lot are on our website. There are vehicles that may be here one minute and then 20 minutes later could be sold. We understand that this may not be ideal for far-away buyers, but we have 5 acres and it can be extremely difficult to keep up to the minute stats on a vehicle that is sold by a other people's stuff. 90% of buyers end up buying something different then what they set out to buy originally. You have a lot that you can walk around and look without pressure from a salesmen, without sales tax and with a HUGE variety of vehicles to look through.
Yes, many of the vehicles sold at OPS still have loans. Because all lenders deal with payoffs and releasing the vehicle’s title in a different manner, we recommend contacting your lender to find out what their specific process will be.
When you pre-register on our website you are picking a DISPLAY AREA WHERE you would like your vehicle to be FEATURED. All customers must CHECK IN WITH STAFF ONCE ON SITE TO BE SHOWN WHERE TO DISPLAY THEIR VEHICLE.
No. Salvage title vehicles are not permitted at Others People's Stuff. If a seller displays a salvage title vehicle in violation of our policy, it is usually found very quickly and removed from display immediately, without a refund to the seller.
You are billed every 30 days to the credit/debit card of your choice. If your vehicles sells in the first 30 days you must log in and cancel your DISPLAY AREA LICENSING so there is no RECCURRING fee the following month.
Anyone can drop off the vehicle, ID’s are checked at vehicle pick-up. The account holder on our website can be either the registered owner of the vehicle or an authorized agent. Just enter the name in the “Additional Authorized Agents” section during registration, making sure that the registered owner’s name is in one place or the other. Either way, the important thing is that the person taking calls, representing the owner or adminstering any portion of the offering or transaction has authorization by the person currently listed on the title to sell the vehicle on their behalf. Also list anyone else that may pick-up the vehicle under “Additional Authorized Agents” during registration.
Yes! We offer storage for all types of vehicles including trailer storage, RV storage, Fifth Wheel storage, Motorhome storage, truck storage, boat storage, off road vehicle storage and even large equipment storage. Visit our rv storage page or call us at 602-909-9000 for more information.